2015 Southern Tier

Stats from 2012 Bicycle Tour

June 22.    Jasper to Wabasso Campground.   16km

June 23.    Wabasso Campground to Sunwapta Falls. 40km

June 24.    Sunwapta Falls to Columbia Icefield.  50km

June 25.    Columbia Icefield to Lake Louise.  132km

June 26     Cool and wet. Spent day in Lake Louise.  0km

June 27     Lake Louise to McLeod Meadows Campground. 108km

June 28     McLeod Meadows to Invermere.  41km

June 29     Invermere to Fort Steele.  116 km

June 30     Fort Steele to Fernie.   97km

July 1        Fernie to Pincher Creek   123km

July 2        Pincher Creek to Cardston   95km

July 3        Cardston.  Rest day.  0km

July 4        Cardston Alberta to Shelby Montana.  157km

July 5        Shelby to Havre  167km

July 6        Havre to Malta   154km

July 7        Malta to Glasgow, Montana   117km

July 8        Glasgow to Wolf Point, Montana   80km

Total to date:  1,493km

Other interesting statistics from the cycling trip…

Number of bears seen – 3 (1 grizzly, 2 black) Number of deer seen – 35+ (I stopped counting) Number of smashed cell phones on the road – 3 Number of adjustable wrenches seen on the road – 2 (I kept the one that worked) Number of bungee cords seen on the side of the road – 30+ (I stopped counting)