Arrived in San Diego

After a long flight on Friday, I arrived at my hotel in San Diego just before midnight. On Saturday morning I walked to the bike shop and picked up my bike. It was over 30c and sunny which was a big change from the conditions back home. I did some riding on the Ocean Beach bike path and some busy streets as I checked out part of the first day’s riding for Monday.  A few spots had too much heavy traffic and too many aggressive drivers for me so I dismounted and walked a few blocks.  Overall, I walked about 10km to get the bike and rode about 30km.  The bike handled well and I was happy with the new Schwalbe Matathon tires. They provided a smoother ride than my Continental  Touring Plus Tires. 

Today, Sunday I had a shuttle van take me and my bike to the Point Loma Hostel. I’ll be bunking in a room with 5 other cyclists on the trip.  

Point Loma Hostel