How I spent my first day of retirement

I don’t think I will have a problem adjusting to retirement. I got up this morning at my usual time before 6:30 and had breakfast. After that we took the dog for a walk. I spent the rest of the morning doing yard work and working in our garden. Around 11:30 I rode my bicycle downtown and then went for a run on the board walk and over to the trails on Whitefish Island. I felt pretty good on the run. After riding home, I spent the rest of the afternoon mowing our lawn and doing other yard work.

I recovered very quickly this week from the 1/2 marathon that I ran on Sunday. My knees were a little sore on Monday when I rode my bicycle to work but after that I was able to ride and run pain free all week.

I’ve always been interested in psychology so I’m interested to see how I handle retirement and what it feels like as I go through the various stages as I transform.