Lordsburg NM To Silver City NM -March 28

I woke up to a cool morning in Lordsburg as the temperature was about 4c.  I got on the road before 8am wearing my jacket and knee warmers.  After travelling a few miles on Hwy 70 west, I turned on to Hwy 90 where the first 17 miles or so was a steady uphill ride.   By 9am I was baking in the sun and had to stop and take off the jacket and knee warmers.   Much of Hwy 90 was a rough chip seal but the shoulder was smooth and it made for good riding.  Just after 10:30am and 25.5 miles,  I reached an elevation of 6355 feet above sea level. The remaining miles to Silver City were a series of downhill runs and climbs. I arrived after 46 miles at the Silver City RV Park. The showers, laundry facilities and washrooms were very clean.  Tonight we will be eating at local restaurants rather than eating camp food.