Ski and bike

February Training 2016

Conditions were perfect today for cross country skiing in the morning and getting out on the road on a bike in the afternoon.  The longer days with more sunshine, afternoon high temperatures near freezing and almost a week without much new snow has resulted in mostly clear roads in town. 

The ski trails north of town are well groomed and I was able to cover close to 20km on my skate skis this morning with comfortable temperatures in the minus 3 celcius range. This afternoon the temperature climbed to 0 celcius and I went for my first outdoor ride in a few months. It felt good to get on the bike and I rode 20km before heading home to warm up my feet. I’m hoping that the conditions persist for a little longer so I can get more time on the bike. In a month I’ll be starting my bike tour and it’s time to get my cycling legs in shape.