Bicycle Touring

Mackinaw City to Petoskey

I left Mackinaw City just after 8am and rode for over an hour before a car passed me from behind. Above – Bike path leading out of Mackinaw City. After stopping for a snack in […]


Cycling in Tucson

On Sunday I rode from Catalina State Park to a hotel near the airport. Most of the ride was on paved bike paths although there was some on road cycling as I neared the airport. […]

Bicycle Touring

Catalina State Park

March 30 I took pretty easy today. After checking out of my hotel I rode about 7 or 8 miles up and down a bike path enjoying the weather. After lunch I headed over to […]

Bicycle Touring

Picacho Peak State Park

I had a pretty good sleep in my tent last night although the temperature felt like it dipped to about 9 Celsius at sunrise. After a fairly simple breakfast of instant oatmeal and a peanut […]

Bicycle Touring

Tempe to Florence

The ride from Tempe to Florence was 57 miles. I left just before 7:30 and arrived just after noon. Sunday morning was a perfect time to ride through the streets of Tempe and Mesa as […]

Bicycle Touring

Surprise to Tempe

Today’s ride was a short one of 42 miles and I arrived at my hotel in Tempe around noon. It was a good morning of riding as much of it was on bike paths. Because […]

Bicycle Touring

Salome to Surprise

It looks like I need a new sleeping pad. I found out last night that there is a very small leak somewhere. I woke up to blow it up four times. Other than that inconvenience, […]